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Go Small Or Go Home

There have been a number of times in the last couple years – most notably during my recent injury recovery – where I didn’t pack a camera for a hike. Using only my iPhone for pictures, even with an app that allowed for manual control and RAW capture, ultimately left me disappointed. A friend suggested I look into a newer phone, but after much research I realized that even the latest and greatest still have the same root of the problem. A tiny sensor.

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When I have an image that I really like, I want to print it, and want to see it large. I had not looked at point-and-shoot cameras for many years, and thought I should check out that market. A larger sensor and a real lens was what I was interested in, and eventually found what I was looking for in a Panasonic Lumix LX10 with a Leica lens. I was looking to replace using a phone, but the results of this camera could almost make me stop using my real camera. Almost.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, Steve Bruno

In comparison to an iPhone, there really is no comparing, so I’m looking at results next to a full frame DSLR. There is a slight amount of noise that I don’t get with full frame, but that can be easily fixed in processing. The lens is somewhat wide angle, but doesn’t have the coverage of the extreme wide angle lens I use most of the time. And the macro capabilities of this lens don’t get as close as my favorite macro lens. That’s about all I can think about on the cons of this camera, unless it’s possible to be too small or too light.

flowers, moonrise, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

I have already posted some photos taken with this camera, including some of the nighttime shots on a recent post. Those, and all on this page are hand-held. It also takes some excellent quality 4k video. Now when I go on a hike where I wasn’t expecting to see something photo-worthy, I won’t be disappointed because I packed light. My friends have never been too vocal about it, but every time I’ve stopped and pulled out a tripod, they were probably thinking, “Go small or go home”

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WPC: Peek

Earlier this year, I headed out to capture the sunrise at nearby Red Rock Canyon.  I knew a storm front was moving in, and after hiking to reach this spot, it looked as though it might be a day without photos.  Right at sunrise, the sun peeked through a tiny slice of an opening in the clouds.  This lasted for about a minute, and the not-so-distant cliffs in the background (which I had hoped to capture that morning) never fully saw the sun.

Mid-week Mixings: Back To The Backyard

Not my backyard.  More like backyard to the city of Las Vegas.  But close enough that I refer to it as my backyard, and a favorite spot to get out and take photos, even if I don’t manage to get very far from the car.

Earlier this month I had a morning that I was able to get away.  A storm had dusted the higher elevations with some snow, and as I waited for the sunrise to give the cliffs a red glow, I watched the clouds dropping onto the cliffs behind me and moving in.

Red Rock 01 - Steve Bruno
Approaching sunrise at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Photo by Steve Bruno.

After I took the above shot, I was feeling many semi-frozen drops of water, so I headed down the road a short stretch, in between bands of lowering clouds.  I missed one very exquisite lighting opportunity, as the slush drops started hitting the ground before I could get to my location.  That brief bit of weather passed, and it remained mostly dry long enough for me to find a couple more settings for photos.

I then returned to where I started the morning, as the clouds seemed to have hit a barrier there, and just lingered on the cliffs without lowering any further.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Clouds in Black and White

Last summer, I was out hiking a favorite trail in Red Rock Canyon, when I saw this group of storm clouds building over a ridge.  I knew this meant it was time to be heading back to my vehicle.  I miss having real weather, as this summer has pretty much been a letdown for photography locally.

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