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February 2017

Monochrome Madness: MM3-43

You won’t find any covered bridges in the desert, so this is as close as you’ll get to one.  On a lonely road somewhere west of Phoenix, I discovered this bridge.  It had such incredible oxidation taking place, that I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.  In order to maintain a vintage feel, I didn’t convert it to b&w, but desaturated the original to the point that you see.

This is my contribution to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week.  Instructions on how to participate, and the contributions of others can be found on her website.

WPC: Shadow

When I schedule my flights, I try to arrange them so that I’m taking photos near sunrise or sunset.  The colors are more saturated, and the shadows of even the smallest features become elongated.  For this week’s challenge of shadow, I immediately thought of being up in the skies looking down, and my photo comes from somewhere northwest of Las Vegas.

WPC: Solitude

When I first started venturing out on photographic journeys, I felt solitude almost immediately upon leaving the city.  Unless it was a holiday weekend.  Nowadays, finding a quiet space seems a little more difficult, but not impossible.  There are still places where I can hear the pulsing of a hawk’s wings, or a lizard moving upon the sands, or just plain silence.

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