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December 2016

WPC: Path

Although I spend a fair amount of time on hiking trails, I rarely photograph the actual trail.  On my first trip to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness in central Arizona, it was past season for the autumn color, yet the canyon floor was filled with lush growth of tall foxtails.  The narrow path would have been taken over if it were not so well worn in.

Monochrome Madness: MM3-36

Seasons Greetings to everyone!

This week’s Monochrome Madness photo comes from the state of Washington, and some unusual winter conditions for the rest of the country.  My rental car had a temperature gauge which indicated that it was 24 degrees outside.  At the same time there was moderate fog in the air.  All that moisture was freezing on the trees and bushes, but not the road.  As the sun started to move higher in the sky, it did start to melt the fine ice coating, but I had at least an hour of photographing with these amazing conditions.

This is my contribution to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week.  You can find the work of other bloggers on her website, as well as instructions on how to join in.

Monochrome Madness: MM3-35

For this week’s Monochrome Madness, I’m featuring another shot from a recent visit to Seattle.  The light was going down for the day, and the clouds were moving generally sideways to my composition.  I shot this using the in-camera setting for stacking exposures, knowing this would accentuate the cloud movement.

Leanne Cole hosts this weekly challenge, and you can see the monochrome work from other bloggers, as well as instructions on how to join in on her website.

WPC: New Horizon











WPC: Relax

I do a lot of hiking when I take my photographs, and in those cases, there is often strenuous activity involved in getting results.  But there’s one place I’ve gone in which I don’t remember working up a sweat, or even a raised pulse – the White Mountains in eastern Arizona.  Even though the elevations are between 8000 and 11000 feet, the word mountain is a bit deceptive.  Much of the terrain is flat with many lakes and gentle streams.  Yes, there are a few trails where one can get the adrenaline going, but mostly it is a popular spot for people to camp and fish, and in general, relax.

Monochrome Madness: MM3-33

On a recent trip into Seattle, the pilot announced that we would be landing in overcast and light rain conditions.  Either the weather changed very quickly or his updates were not recent.  Low clouds with pockets of sunshine made for all kinds of great light on the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle.

This is my contribution to this week’s Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole.  The photos from other bloggers and instructions on how to participate can be found on her site.

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