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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Birds

Although I spend a fair amount of time photographing nature, it’s not very often I encounter wildlife, especially birds that are close enough to photograph.

While in Calgary, Canada, I encountered many geese with their young goslings in late spring along the Bow River (above).

Last summer, I ventured into the forests of Oregon.  I think I got a little too close to the nest of this guy, as he became quite vocal.

bird, tree, Oregon, Steve Bruno

During one of my trips to Seattle, I met this beggar.

bird, gull, Seattle, Pacific Ocean, Steve Bruno

No tree is an island, but this one came close, and provided a nice resting spot for these white birds near Hilo, Hawaii.

birds, Hawaii, gottatakemorepix

While in Texas last spring, I was able to witness this beautiful heron at the end of the day.

heron, Texas, gottatakemorepix

In the unlikeliest of places, on several visits, I have seen ducks in this side canyon of a major hiking trail in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.  The water stays year round, but the largest pool is not that big, and the canyon walls are not tall enough to provide constant shade in the 100 degree temps of summer.

ducks, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, Steve Bruno

WPC: Favorites

Back when I shot with a large-format view camera, I would certainly agree with Mr. Adams.  Now that I use a camera that can shoot hundreds of frames in a day, oddly enough, I still agree.

I spent time in Hawaii this summer, and I’m sure I have twelve photographs that I like from just the first couple days.  When I look at all of the images I have captured this year, and try to envision those which I will still cherish years from now, the process of choosing twelve became clearer.  My time in nature was limited this year, but I made those moments count.  In some situations I had similar lighting or compositions where I couldn’t really define one shot as a clear favorite, but in the end, I think I’m very happy with these 12.

I don’t own a drone, but I love taking photos from airplanes.  This photo from over White Sands, New Mexico looks amazing at full size, with all the dunes at the edge looking like bubbling foam.

aerial photography, desert, dunes, White Sands, New Mexico, Steve Bruno

My ‘backyard’ location of Red Rock Canyon didn’t see me as much as in years past, yet I had plenty of images which made the A list.

sunrise, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada, gottatakemorepix

rainwater pools, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve Bruno

reflection, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve Bruno



Oregon was another place I spent some time last summer.  Although the trip was mainly for a family gathering, I had time afterwards to head to the trails in the Columbia River Gorge.

waterfalls, Oregon, Columbia River Gorge, Steve Bruno

As I mentioned earlier, Hawaii was part of my travels this year, and gave me many great photo opportunities.  My time on the lava fields at sunset certainly stands out as one of my favorite experiences, not just for this year, but for a lifetime.


Pacific Ocean, cliffs, Hawaiiold growth forest, Hawaii, trees, gottatakemorepixwaves, lava, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean, Steve Brunolava flow, Hawaii, sunset, gottatakemorepix


WPC: Harmony

This week’s challenge made me instantly think of music, but not just any group.  These three are perhaps the best harmonizers in the history of rock and roll.  From left to right are:  Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and David Crosby.  Better known as Crosby, Stills & Nash.

There is always harmony in nature, but finding an image to convey that feeling took a little time.  I came across some reflections which came close, but then remembered this shot.  The balance from left to right, then reflected, seemed to be the right one.  The location is Mount Hood, Oregon at the appropriately named Mirror Lake.Mount Hood - Mirror Lake - Oregon - Steve Bruno - gottatakemorepix

WPC: Weight(less)

Lower North Falls - Steve Bruno
Lower North Falls flows over massive slab of rock in Silver Falls State Park, Oregon. Photo by Steve Bruno

For this week’s Daily Post Challenge, I have another shot from my trip to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon.  I chose this shot for two reasons.  The water falls, obviously, due to gravity, but that slab of rock that the water flows across is cut very deeply underneath.  There is a tremendous amount of weight that is defying gravity by not collapsing here.

Mid-week Mixings: South Falls

South Falls-Silver Falls SP-Steve Bruno

Last year, around Thanksgiving, I was visiting family near Portland, Oregon.  I took a day to head out to Silver Falls State Park.  As the sun moved across the morning sky, its lower path didn’t clear the trees behind South Falls.  About the same time, the breeze kicked up a bit and lifted the mist created from the falls.  I had been to this spot before in summertime, but didn’t witness this incredible timing of light and elements on that visit.

WPC: Creepy

I posted a bunch of creepy critters in the Close-Up challenge.  If you missed those, you can find them here.  That made me search harder for some different creepy images.

Initially. I have this lizard which I came across in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona.  Probably not that creepy until you look at the gash on the top of its head.  He was a fairly sizeable creature, but it makes me wonder what thinks of him as dinner.

Lizard with a gash on its head, southeastern Arizona, photo by Steve Bruno
Lizard with a gash on its head, southeastern Arizona, photo by Steve Bruno

Dark forests can be creepy, and one of the darkest I ever came across was in Hawaii, of all places.  I didn’t take any photos there, but this one, with the moss hanging from the branches, is from last year in Oregon.

Sunlight filters through the moss covered forest in central Oregon, photo by Steve Bruno
Sunlight filters through the moss covered forest in central Oregon, photo by Steve Bruno

At Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park in Hawaii, there are many carvings.  Most of these are genderless with ugly faces with large teeth, which would imply they were there to scare off intruders.  The creator of this one decided it was scarier to have a relatively featureless face and a large penis.  That’s creepy!

Carved statue in Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, Hawaii by Steve Bruno
Carved statue in Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, Hawaii by Steve Bruno

Other symbols, created by a different civilization are equally bizarre.  In the Grand Canyon, this panel of pictographs has some creepy characters on it.  In addition to the large symbols, there are 5 faces which are nothing more than 3 dots and a line on top (4 lines for number 1).  Two eyes and a mouth is my guess, but it’s more like a nose on 4 and 5.  There’s also the ghostly white symbol on the far left.  I’m not sure how the two deer ended up on this one.  This panel is, fortunately, out of reach of anybody today, so this is how it was created over 700 years ago.

Strange panel of pictographs in the Grand Canyon, Arizona by Steve Bruno
Strange panel of pictographs in the Grand Canyon, Arizona by Steve Bruno

By far, the creepiest site I have ever encountered was this pair of grottos in the canyons near Moab, Utah.  The dark features around the two grottos suggest a rather alien-like face, and I couldn’t help but have the feeling I was being watched.

Canyon walls near Moab, Utah appear to have eyes. Photo by Steve Bruno
Canyon walls near Moab, Utah appear to have eyes. Photo by Steve Bruno

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