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White Mountains

Midweek Monochrome 5-27-20

Around this time last year, I managed to get away to the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. I was in the vicinity of the Blue River, and trying to locate a section I had visited about 20 years before. Nothing looked familiar, so I just went exploring to see what else was out there. A small side canyon had some intriguing shapes and kept me hiking and photographing until the sun moved higher in the sky and shade was no longer an option. Here is one photo from that morning.

WPC: Relax

I do a lot of hiking when I take my photographs, and in those cases, there is often strenuous activity involved in getting results.  But there’s one place I’ve gone in which I don’t remember working up a sweat, or even a raised pulse – the White Mountains in eastern Arizona.  Even though the elevations are between 8000 and 11000 feet, the word mountain is a bit deceptive.  Much of the terrain is flat with many lakes and gentle streams.  Yes, there are a few trails where one can get the adrenaline going, but mostly it is a popular spot for people to camp and fish, and in general, relax.

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