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Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

Midweek Monochrome 11-25-20

Every once in a while, I’ve come across a place where the seasons didn’t seem to be in alignment with the rest of the world. Sycamore Canyon was one of those places for me. It was late in the year and I was expecting all the trees to be leafless and the general mood to be winterish. To my surprise, all the trees were still holding on to green leaves and the mood was very energetic. The original of this photo is on color film, but with a new “scan”, the details in black and white make it difficult to favor the original.

WPC: Path

Although I spend a fair amount of time on hiking trails, I rarely photograph the actual trail.  On my first trip to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness in central Arizona, it was past season for the autumn color, yet the canyon floor was filled with lush growth of tall foxtails.  The narrow path would have been taken over if it were not so well worn in.

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