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Monochrome Madness: MM 209

No matter what the temperature, I will rarely head out to take photographs if there are cloudless skies.  Sometimes clouds just add an element to the skies that reduce the sterility of the scene.  They always reflect light, and usually soften the light to some degree.  When the clouds are thick enough, they can provide a natural light painting to a landscape that cannot be duplicated in post-processing.  In the photograph above, a little bit of direct sunlight was hitting the cliffs in the middle-ground, while some filtered light was reaching a little further back to highlight the ridgelines.  Heavy clouds were lingering beyond, making for a dark mood in the back of the canyon.  I also had a brief cloud darken the foreground, helping to bring the attention to the cliffs.  I never would have pressed the shutter had this been a sunny day.

This is my contribution to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week.  To see what other photographers have contributed, or instructions to join in, please visit Leanne’s website.

WPC: Experimental

A couple nights ago, I was in the desert under a moonless night.  I had a powerful LED flashlight so that I could check my focus, but I had intended to shoot under natural light.  In my first couple exposures, the flashlight looked horrible, but I started to experiment with the light for positioning and length of time.  The photos taken under natural light ended up as I hoped for, but a couple of the exposures with the aid of the light also turned out very well.

desert night by steve bruno

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