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WPC: Harmony

This week’s challenge made me instantly think of music, but not just any group.  These three are perhaps the best harmonizers in the history of rock and roll.  From left to right are:  Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and David Crosby.  Better known as Crosby, Stills & Nash.

There is always harmony in nature, but finding an image to convey that feeling took a little time.  I came across some reflections which came close, but then remembered this shot.  The balance from left to right, then reflected, seemed to be the right one.  The location is Mount Hood, Oregon at the appropriately named Mirror Lake.Mount Hood - Mirror Lake - Oregon - Steve Bruno - gottatakemorepix

WPC: Vibrant

It seems like we had the Vivid photo challenge not too long ago, but the definition of vibrant includes so much more that seemed to be asking for a musical performance, not a landscape or flower shot.


So what could be more vibrant than Judas Priest performing to a theatre filled with teens and twentysomethings?… about shiny red leather pants!

Yeah, this was the 80’s.

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