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WPC: Cheeky

I thought this week’s Daily Post Challenge of Cheeky would be one I would have to pass on, but yesterday I was going through some folders and came across this shot.  From a couple months ago during my last trip to Valley Of Fire, I encountered a few of the bighorn sheep.  At first glance, it looks as though it is sticking its tongue out at me, as though taunting and saying, “You want to take my picture….I don’t think so!”

WPC: Partners

On one of my trips to Valley of Fire State Park, I was fortunate enough to come across a herd of bighorn sheep.  They weren’t too fond of my presence at first, but I kept a slow methodical pace to follow them.  This made for a lot of butt shots in the beginning, and eventually my patience rewarded me with the shots I was hoping for.

These 2 (above) stayed together most of the time, which made me think they were partners.  My entire time following the herd was about an hour, and one couple was never close.  I’m assuming this was the alpha male of the herd and his partner (below).  I was under his watchful eyes all the while.

Bighorn Sheep in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada by Steve Bruno

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