A solar eclipse will occur across much of the United States next month, but I will not be there to witness it.  I was in Oregon last week, where the eclipse will be cutting a path across the middle of the state.  While the occurrence of a total eclipse is very unusual, I’m not expecting this to look any different in photographs from previous ones.

Not very long ago, there were four Blood Moon eclipses in a relatively short period of time.  I photographed the first one within the city boundaries, but was most excited about the last one because it was happening shortly after the moon rose for the night, thus making it close to the horizon.  I had some locations in mind at the nearby Valley Of Fire State Park, as did several other photographers.  Sporadic cloud cover looked as though it might ruin our viewing out there, but as the eclipse was nearing totality, I think they actually helped my first photo as it was passing through an arch (above).  I had to find a different arch for the totality of the eclipse, and the clouds cooperated in the desert night.

For the Daily Post Challenge: Unusual

Blood Moon inside arch at VOF by Steve Bruno