Flowers can make springtime something to look forward to, but this time of year has the added bonus of additional water flows.  In places where there are waterfalls year-round, thundering falls can be dramatic, but seeing dry canyons come to life in the desert can be equally compelling.  About a month ago, I was on a flight over the western Grand Canyon with the sun at a high angle.  I could see that every side wash had water by the mirrorlike glistening reflections as we passed overhead.  I truly wished I had been on the ground hiking instead of thousands of feet up.

This photo was taken in the mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona.  Most of the year, this would be completely dry, and you would probably pass right by.  You will find this photo, and the contributions of others on Leanne Cole’s website.  She hosts Monochrome Madness every Thursday (Australia time), and instructions for participation can be found there as well.