Recently, I purchased a new (to me) lens off eBay – a manual focus Pentax 50mm f1.4.  My sample shots in broad daylight close to home proved to be stunningly sharp with no undesirable effects.  A couple nights ago I was driving through the desert with the moon yet to appear, and stars prominently on display.  This seemed to be a perfect chance to see what the lens could do.  On one side of the highway was a set of power lines with large towers, so I aimed the camera that direction to see how those would come out.  Then I turned the camera the other direction, and further upward.  I checked focus after taking the shots, and everything seemed good, considering I was shooting wide open, or stopped down a half-stop.  When I looked at the shots on the computer the next day, these strange winged shapes appeared in one corner of the frame, but did not occur throughout the frame.  Chromatic aberration, or a result of the aperture setting?  Or captured spirits?