Last night, just before I thought I was going to bed, I stepped outside to take a look at the clouds and enjoy the fresh breeze.  The motion of the clouds passing in front of the moon was fascinating, and I knew I had to go inside and grab my camera.  My DSLR shoots really good video, but I also brought out my basic Sony camcorder.  The camcorder does well in low light, even though it has the smaller sensor.  I had a feeling the breezes were going to shake the long lens I was going to use on the camera.

I’m amazed at digital technology in that I can take a decent shot of the moon hand-held with a long lens.  The results improved when I put it on a tripod, but they were still very acceptable without.  As I suspected, I didn’t get any lengthy videos without vibration on the DSLR videos.  This one is from the Sony, and in real time.  Just in time for Halloween!