This week’s Monochrome Madness has the theme of road.  You can see what other bloggers have contributed at Leanne Cole’s website.

This is US Route 191, north of the Morenci Open Pit Mine in eastern Arizona.  This road used to have a different number – US Route 666.  I guess some people didn’t like the association with that number.  The only devilish things about this road are all those curves, and the elevation gain.  Morenci sits at about 4000′, and the mine a little higher.  Once you’ve passed that, it’s about 60 miles to Hannagan Meadow, the closest thing to a town along this route, and you will have passed the 9000′ elevation marker.  60 miles, only one straightaway.  I think if I ever had the chance to drive a Ferrari, this is where I’d bring it.