This has been a strange winter and spring, but it looks like summer’s going to be true here in the desert southwest.  I think we had more snow in April than the previous four months, but a glance out the window towards our nearby mountains reveals none of the white stuff anymore.

In keeping with the previous MM post, more National Parks.  This was taken outside the park boundary, but those mountains are definitely inside.  This is Great Basin National Park, in eastern Nevada.  I’m not sure what he visitation numbers are, but I have a feeling it’s low.  One reason is that this park has no buddy.  You know – Yosemite has Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Bryce has Zion, Arches has Canyonlands – all great places to visit and expect a crowd.  If you go to Great Basin NP, better make sure you’re well stocked on gas and food, because this region is about as remote as it gets in the lower 48.

You’ll find this image along with others’ in Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness challenge.