Lightning over Phoenix, Arizona by Steve Bruno

Shortly after I moved to Phoenix, Arizona a number of years ago, I was fascinated with the storms that came roaring through the desert in summertime.  There was a great vantage point on a hilltop at the edge of town that used to be my favorite spot to take photographs.  This higher lookout also meant that my tripod and I were going to be favorable targets if the storms got too close.

One particular August evening, I was on my hilltop watching the storm move across the city.  It was a very intense storm with distinct and numerous bolts of lightning.  As the storm moved, I noticed the strikes were nudging along at a pretty consistent distance, so I put on my longest lens and aimed where I thought the next one should be hitting.

This was the only shot I tried with that lens, and the last bolts of that storm.  With the mirror locked up during exposure, I wasn’t able to see through the viewfinder, but I knew I was aimed right where I needed to be.  The feeling was pure adrenaline that night, and again when I developed the film.

So…..pure luck, pure timing, pure electricity, pure adrenaline?  I think this shot finds a couple ways to fit this week’s Daily Post Challenge.