When I first moved away from the midwestern US to the state of Arizona, it rained so much, I was wondering where they hid the desert.  Spring flowers emerged profusely from the rocky, yet green desert.  Every year.  I remember on several occasions seeing hillsides that were bright orange or yellow from a couple miles away.  Knowing there were thousands of flowers covering the hills, yet no access roads or trails, used to be mildly frustrating.  There were more than enough flowers in parts that I could get to, easing any of that frustration.

Those rainy years have moved on.  It’s been over ten years since the last spectacular spring display in the desert southwest, and it seems as though it will be at least another ten years.  Last week in Las Vegas, we had a day with a few raindrops, but mostly a lot of wind.  That one day kept us from immortalizing February 2016 into the weather books with its string of 70-degree-plus days.  One thing we can count on in springtime here is the wind.  There have been a couple spring days when they have had to temporarily shut down the airport, and many times I’ve felt sorry for anyone landing in a plane.  A friend of mine was on the last flight before one of those temporary closures a couple years ago.  He told me everyone was on their cell phone in the last minute of the flight, passing on what they thought were final words to loved ones.  Yes, it can be that bad.

My image for this week’s challenge is a video, taken in Valley Of Fire State Park.  The video was taken with an old point-and-shoot camera, but I want to try to recreate this with my current camera someday.  The foxtails had already started to brown, but as the wind kept shifting directions, I loved the way the field appeared to sway with the mixture of still green plants.  And yes, I managed to find a couple flowers.  The video is at half-speed to emphasize the details of the motion.