Not my backyard.  More like backyard to the city of Las Vegas.  But close enough that I refer to it as my backyard, and a favorite spot to get out and take photos, even if I don’t manage to get very far from the car.

Earlier this month I had a morning that I was able to get away.  A storm had dusted the higher elevations with some snow, and as I waited for the sunrise to give the cliffs a red glow, I watched the clouds dropping onto the cliffs behind me and moving in.

Red Rock 01 - Steve Bruno
Approaching sunrise at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Photo by Steve Bruno.

After I took the above shot, I was feeling many semi-frozen drops of water, so I headed down the road a short stretch, in between bands of lowering clouds.  I missed one very exquisite lighting opportunity, as the slush drops started hitting the ground before I could get to my location.  That brief bit of weather passed, and it remained mostly dry long enough for me to find a couple more settings for photos.

I then returned to where I started the morning, as the clouds seemed to have hit a barrier there, and just lingered on the cliffs without lowering any further.