Fallen Leaves-Steve Bruno

Returning to the 21st ave bus route.  Previously along the journey, our lady with the red and orange hat boarded at the September Street stop.  She’s always so full of contagious energy when she gets on.  That’s probably why she is so well liked, especially by the children.  Her colorful stories, many regarding the holidays, keep the young ones entertained.  They asked her name one time, and a couple of them got it wrong.  Her nickname, the mispronunciation, Aunt Em, has stuck.

For as much energy as she exudes, Aunt Em has mood swings that bring her crashing down.  I used to think she was bipolar, but then I figured out it runs deeper than that.  Her Old Man has a dominant grip over her.  There’s been a few times when he jumps on a couple stops early, and proceeds to howl and scream at her to get off.  Occasionally she caves in and leaves, but most of the time she holds her ground.  There’s more fortitude in that woman than the first impression might indicate, but wow, what a dysfunctional family!

We’ve reached her stop, December Drive, and Aunt Em is almost as pleasant as when she got on.  Many people complimented her on her attire this time around, and I guess that’s helped her attitude.  Additionally, there’s been no sign of her Old Man.  I see him standing on the corner, however.