As I travelled through airports last week, it occurred to me that the image I wanted for this week’s challenge was right in front of me.  Of course I’m talking about the post 9/11 boundary that makes getting to the airport early a necessity.  It seems that it wasn’t very long ago that greeting arriving guests at the gate was the norm.  Nowadays, not even the bottle of water you’re consuming in front of security can pass this boundary.

I’ve had a little time to go through other shots in my files, and have found a few more that seem to fit the challenge.

Once believed to be beyond our reach, we’ve set foot on the moon.  Even though that has been a few decades, we continue to further our exploration of space.

Blood Moon 01-Steve Bruno

Human minds pushing their current boundaries of the understanding of science will be the reason we might eventually reach beyond our solar system.  As much as our minds have the potential to break boundaries, some choose to believe in limits, which are often self-induced.  Photo of sculpture in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Calgary-Steve Bruno-Wire Frame Sculpture

This one doesn’t need an explanation.  There’s no need to go beyond this boundary.  How much closer do you need to get?

Bison Tourist-Steve Bruno

Lastly, if you look closely in the center of the shot, you will see a hiker at the canyon rim boundary.

South Canyon-Steve Bruno

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”