You’ve seen him before.  That rider on the 21st avenue bus route, always getting on at the June Street stop.  You know – the one covered in tats with that godawful music blaring through his headphones.  Some of the people don’t make eye contact with him, and most are glad when he finally gets off.

He seemed a little different this time around.  He might have showered, but it was so hard to tell.  I mean, his new brand of cigarettes – that lingering stench practically reached the front of the bus.  And his music wasn’t quite as angry sounding, and just a little quieter.  Maybe his ears have finally had enough abuse.

Oh well, here comes his stop.  September Street.  When he gets off, there’s always this strange woman with the red and orange hat getting on.  I’m not sure, but I think I detect him smiling at her.  She soooo doesn’t seem his type, but who knows – perhaps there’s something genial about this guy after all.